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Award-winning leadership talent development programs

Program presentation can be short or long course, non-award or competency based. Boyle Consulting in partnership with Adapt Education (RTO #32452) presents Leadership and Management Programs at Diploma and Cert IV levels. We can tailor our programs to accommodate new and experienced leaders across all functional silos. Boyle Consulting can also customise training programs to meet the specific needs of any organisation.

Our Programs

Leadership and Management Diploma *

Boyle Consulting’s Leadership and Management Program is ideal for Middle to Senior Managers who manage a team or are responsible for operational assets, inventory and processes. The Diploma involves development and implementation of real-world projects, often organisation-wide involving change strategy deployment, typically around CX and operational or financial performance.

Engaging Facilitation

‘Facilitator’ originates from the French word ‘facil’ which means ‘help’. The role of our facilitators is to ‘help’ participants develop leadership capability.

A key part of leadership development is self-awareness and understanding how your actions impact your team, your co-workers and the businesses bottom line.

Work-based Projects

All classroom work is applied back in the workplace with real “workplace projects.” This benefits the participant’s learning and the organisational performance.

At Boyle Consulting, we use a range of self-evaluation tools including LifeStyles Inventory (LSI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Team Management Profile (TMP).

Learning Process

Our action learning Diploma process involves approximately 15 instructor-based training days spread over 15 months.

Topics include:

  1. Strategy development
  2. CX, satisfaction and retention
  3. Interpreting KPI’s
  4. Leadership and change
  5. Emotional intelligence
  6. Team engagement
  7. Project management
  8. Operations management
  9. Quality management
  10. Continuous improvement
  11. Marketing and customer relationship management
  12. Financial management
  13. Communicating with influence

We customise training content, structure & projects to your requirements

Leadership and Management Cert IV *

Over the past 30 years Boyle Consulting has developed the skills of thousands of junior and middle managers and transformed them into effective leaders.

Our Cert IV Leadership and Management program is perfect for junior to middle level managers and supervisors.

The interactive, engaging and fun program focuses on the implementation of smaller work development and produces tangible results.

12-month program

  • Personal development
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Leading others
    • Presentation skills
  • Business Development
    • Change management
    • Business planning
    • Creating a customer centric culture
    • Developing a ‘lean’ operation

* Both courses are offered through a partnering agreement with Adapt Education (RTO #32452).
All training, assessment and student support for these courses is provided by Boyle Consulting with the certificate being issued by Adapt Education.

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