Boyle Consulting has a global commitment to developing leaders. Our consulting and training services place a key focus on strategy, cultural change and performance improvement.

For more than thirty years, Boyle Consulting has partnered with its clients in mining services, commercial & passenger vehicles, manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors to improve employee & customer engagement and overall business performance.

Since 1988, Boyle Consulting has:

  • Developed leaders in a range of industry sectors and organisations
  • Enhanced the employees experience through well designed & facilitated classroom and online training
  • Improved Customer Experience through CX training and consulting
  • Improved business performance through organisational strategy and best practice consulting


Results oriented consulting, practical & implementable
Client-centric approach

Our people, their development, commitment to quality, ethical behaviour, hard work, teamwork

Committed to continuous improvement

Partnering through trust and communication

Our Logo

The Boyle Consulting logo integrates ‘Eta’ and the inverted organisational triangle to represent effective Leadership.

Top Down
Frederick Taylor stressed the importance of structure in achieving organisational effectiveness. Top-down management organisational structure, often represented by a triangle, implied the importance of control. It gave the impression ‘the boss knew more’ and that ‘workers’ should follow the ‘bosses’ instructions.

Bottom Up
Contemporary leadership and the influence of visionaries such as Konosuke Matsushita (Panasonic) identified the workers’ insight was critical to innovation, quality and performance. Leaders should empower and ‘support’ their people. The triangle turned on its head symbolises this.

‘Eta’ is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet. Engineers use ‘eta’ to symbolise ‘efficiency’.

Learn to Lead: Achieve results by engaging your people.

We have chosen the wolf to represent our Leadership development process.

  • Like humans, wolves learn to lead and progress over time
  • Like a team - wolves are social animals depending on each member to succeed and survive
  • Like a leader we may look up to - wolves demonstrate great courage, tenacity, agility and intelligence, all admirable qualities
  • Wolves value diversity; the pack is led by an alpha female and male. Human teams can likewise benefit by embracing diversity.

Meet our Leadership Team

Rob Boyle


Rob Petersen


Adrian Fox

Business Development Manager

Tamara Fraser

Digital Product Manager

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