Boyle Consulting helps businesses boost their CX performance. We are trusted by global manufacturers and distributors in more than 30 countries to deliver CX solutions to head office and retail distribution networks.  

Customer Experience (CX) - Applied Leadership Development and Organisational Change

A multinational equipment manufacturer and distributor sought an Applied Diploma for its middle to senior leaders which incorporated an organisational wide CX change strategy, launch and sustainment.

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CX touches all parts of an organisation.

At Boyle Consulting, we work with leaders to implement sustainable CX turnaround or enhancement. Organisationally, personnel from all levels and departments must be involved in delivering a positive CX strategy.

Elements of our change strategy process include:

  1. Defining why? - The business case must be clear
  2. Leadership and cultural implications including buy-in for senior leaders
  3. Change strategy - with urgency
  4. Communications strategy development
  5. Preparation for launch, appropriate to the organisation
  6. Deployment
  7. Review recognition and communication early wins
  8. Sustainment

Performance and Enhancement

At Boyle Consulting, we assist many organisations who are challenged in deploying consistent customer and quality processes across large operations and networks.

Boyle Consulting’s process definition, deployment and improvement procedures involve close consultation with senior leaders and on-site assessment of operations. We understand context and key issues and in partnership will develop an improvement strategy. In effect this can be the beginning of a change process where we define objectives.

CX and Operating Standards Development, Review and Improvement

We have many years experience developing, launching and reviewing operating standards in frontline customer experience and in operational areas. We work with you to define critical, measurable and auditable standards, important to your customers, quality and efficiency for operational consistency across networks. Our standards have formed the basis of individual and group rewards and incentive program.

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