Instructional design

Our strength is in helping you create training materials and learning experiences that make an impact to your team members, your customers and your bottom line. Whether we adapt your existing materials and processes, incorporate content from our extensive library, or work with you to create something new, our team of qualified instructional designers and trainers will make it as easy as A-B-C-D.  

Online learning

Modern, engaging and targeted eLearning content, deployed to our Learning Management System or yours.  Choose to tailor our off-the-shelf products, or engage our instructional designs to create a unique learning experience that has a measurable impact.


Increase flexibility and convenience over how and when people participate in training by incorporating a mix of instructor based, online and virtual training components to your programs.  At Boyle Consulting we specialise in blending these training components to create learning experiences that are truly engaging and effective.


Don’t have access to a computer?  Need to watch a simulation or get step-by-step instructions?  Give your team more options about how and when they learn. Our online learning is modern, highly responsive, and optimised for your mobile device.

Learning Management System

From international manufacturer to local organisations, we have a Learning Management System to fit your needs.  Simple to use with branding that reflects you.

Our Programs

Organisations, departments and teams need leaders that can clearly communicate the vision and goals of an organisation and engage with their people to inspire positive activity.

Boyle Consulting’s leadership training builds the competency and confidence of existing and emerging leaders by exploring the required skills and mindset of today’s leader.

Successful business results rarely happen by accident. There is usually a plan supporting the success.

Boyle Consulting’s Business Planning Training provides a proven process to build relevant, practical plans in real time. Setting the vision and goals, identifying market opportunities and an understanding the competition help formulate a plan to meet these opportunities.

Business is about people. The ability to be able to connect and build strong mutually beneficial relationships sets the foundation for success.  From essential communication skills (questioning, listening, responding) to understanding and appreciating, personality differences (DISC – Directing, Influencing, Supporting and Contemplating, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, etc.) our training provides practical tools and tips for frontline people through to Senior Managers.

This education builds for moments of truth, exceeding expectations to customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

This training addresses all aspects of customer communications from telephone contact, face to face, greeting, universally safe things to say, questioning and managing conflict.

This training encourages two eyes on the voice of the customer, and one on the competition. It builds on the traditional 4P’s (price, product, promotion and place) to embrace contemporary issues such as customer relationship management, database, electronic digital mail (EDM), internet presence and other promotional means.

With our partners, Boyle Consulting has the capability to address financial issues from basic accounting for non-accountants through to advanced financial management, tax, fraud, succession and financial planning.

Because operation and IT can strongly impact the CX, we have extensive operational modules based on our onsite consulting learnings over many years and operations.

Our modules provide a deep dive into what 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain) is and how to implement and sustain it across a large organisation or network.

The ability to sell products and services is a key competence in any organisation. Our sales training takes a consultative approach to fully understand the customer’s needs, relevant solutions and how to manage concerns.

To be effective, sales people need to be organised in setting clear goals, planning their territories and prioritising their time.

This training teaches participants how to harness the power of ‘project teams’.  It covers how to set them up and processes to manage and sustain them to achieve top results.

This training explains what continuous improvement is, its benefits, how to implement an effective continuous improvement process from fishbone to data collection, analysis and action.  We explain PDCA.

Depending on your needs and goals, Boyle Consulting can design, develop and implement an educational solution.

We design, develop and deliver learning experiences to meet identified gaps, redesign and/or deliver existing client-owned training content. Boyle Consulting’s team of qualified instructional designers and trainers will make it as easy as A-B-C-D to create impactful learning experiences that engage and inspire.

Analyse the Need

Whether it be a training needs analysis, job/task breakdown, competency audit or compliance requirement, Boyle Consulting will work with you to define the business need and identify metrics to ensure success.

Next, our subject matter experts and yours will partner to gather existing resources, define learning outcomes and map competencies to make sure we know what needs to be taught, to whom, with what intended outcome. At this stage we’ll make decisions about what approach will have the biggest impact, be it online, face-to-face or a blended training approach.

Blueprint and Design

This is where the creativity kicks in. Boyle Consulting’s team of instructional designers have all stood in front of classrooms, in coaching sessions and on-the-job and know all-too-well what engages (and disengages) learners.

At this point, you’ll see storyboards and prototypes. We’ll map scenarios and design immersive online experiences. You’ll provide feedback, select a ‘look and feel’ and help ensure we’re capturing the essence of your team, organisation and/or customer.

Create the Solution

Our training factory shifts into full production mode. Boyle Consulting’s graphics designers, videographers, photographers, eLearning developers and training instructors will take the blueprint and create a solution. At defined review points we’ll partner to make modifications, and conduct pilot sessions and incorporate feedback.


When we’re done, you’ll have a unique learning experience, ready to be deployed online or delivered by facilitators, guaranteed to engage your team, inspire change and impact your customers, employees,
and/or bottom line.

Benefits of a blended approach to training

Flexibility and efficiency

Complex topics can be presented in the classroom, while knowledge-based components are available online. Increase flexibility and convenience over how and when people participate in training.


Efficiently and quickly deliver training to a broader audience. Get bite-sized learning when the opportunity allows. Limit non-productive travel time and enhance the power of face-face sessions.


Choose from a range of core products for cost-effective and early access, or work with the team to create customised courses that reflect your workplace policies, culture and specific needs.

We have an in-house team of professional instructional designers, eLearning developers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers, who specialise in the online and mobile training needs of organisations.  Whether it be to reduce time out of the workplace, to bring learning opportunities to team members in remote or rural areas, or to simply realise your digital learning strategy, the Boyle Consulting team can work with you to design a solution tailored for your team.

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