The professional team at Boyle Consulting create and deliver training programs for team members who sell and support off highway construction equipment.

Leadership Development

Enhance success

Leading an organisation, department or team is challenging. To enhance success, Managers need to be able to think and act operationally, strategically and conceptually.

Balance needs

Managers also need to be able to balance the needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders including customers, their teams, colleagues, business owners, directors and manufacturers.

Continue learning

Being an effective leader can be learned. Being a great leader takes time and a willingness to self-reflect and invest in self-development.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leading others
  • Presentation skills
  • Change management
  • Business planning
  • Creating a customer centric culture
  • Developing a ‘lean’ operation

At Boyle Consulting, we use a range of self-evaluation tools including LifeStyles Inventory (LSI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Team Management Profile (TMP).

Service Maintenance Training

Maintaining mining equipment to maximise uptime, reducing repairs while improving safety is essential to customers.

Customers are traditionally demanding and have high expectations of the service and repair work carried out by the maintenance provider.

This requires considerable resources including highly skilled technical teams, training, equipment and tooling.

To maximise returns, these resources need to be managed effectively.

  • Controlling the hours
  • Leading the Service Team
  • 5S and continuous improvement
  • Job planning and scheduling
  • Time and people management
  • Essential documentation

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