The modern Service Department is complex and demanding.

Service departments require considerable resources involving people, facilities, equipment, tooling and DMS's. The Service team also needs to sell, keep customers happy and control technician hours.

The Service Development Pathway - our specialist service programs will help your people profitably retain service customers. 


Service Manager Development

Increasing Operational Profit (Service)

Improve the business awareness & effectiveness of Service Managers in understanding and managing the service department. This module addresses job control, utilisation, efficiency and productivity in an easy to understand manner.

Leading the Service Team

Examine the outcomes required of Service Managers and Supervisors to promote teamwork to plan for and achieve goals. Develop team plans to meet expected outcomes, lead work teams and work proactively with senior management.

Customer Retention & Marketing Strategies

Developing and implementing an effective marketing and retention plan is an important skill for Service Managers. This module examines processes and best practice for retaining existing and attracting new and lapsed customers.

Workshop Controller/Foreman Development

Workshop Planning & Job Control

The Workshop Coordinator/Controller is a key member of the service team. This module examines the tools and techniques required to effectively allocate and control work within the service department. 

Leading the Workshop Team

Examine the outcomes required of supervisors to promote teamwork to plan for and achieve goals. Develop team plans to meet expected outcomes, lead work teams and work proactively with management.

Advance Service Advisor Development

Raising Service Performance

The right customer management skills coupled with good business acumen will result in effective decision making. This module is aimed at developing more experienced advisors as they handle more challenging customer situations and advance their career in the industry.

Service Advisor Development

Engaging with Customers

Service is a people business! Effective customer communication is central to the role of Service Advisors. This module examines key skills that Service Advisors need to guide the customer throughout the Service Process.

Selling Service & Business Awareness

Service Advisors need with the skills and confidence to provide solutions to customers. This module examines the key metrics of workshop loading, service sales, GP, value added selling, express, sales/RO and technician recovery.

Supervisor Development

People Management for Supervisors

Achieving results in business requires engaging with customers, staff, suppliers, managers and colleagues. The people skills of a supervisor can greatly impact on customer, staff and personal satisfaction and confidence. Understanding your own management and communication style and how to interact with others impacts on a team environment. Setting goals, communicating progress, providing constructive feedback are essential ingredients to being a successful frontline supervisor. The aim of this session is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to be more effective when dealing with others.