Training Development

Boyle Consulting’s team of qualified instructional designers and trainers will make it as easy as A-B-C-D to create impactful learning experiences that engage and inspire.

A:  Analyse

Analyse the need:  Whether it be a training needs analysis, job/task breakdown, competency audit or compliance requirement, Boyle Consulting will work with you to define the business need and identify metrics to ensure success.  

Next, our subject matter experts and yours will partner to gather existing resources, define learning outcomes and map competencies to make sure we know what needs to be taught, to whom, with what intended outcome.  At this stage we’ll make decisions about what approach will have the biggest impact, be it online, face-to-face or a blended training approach.

B:  Blueprint

Blueprint and design:  This is where the creativity kicks in. Boyle Consulting’s team of instructional designers have all stood in front of classrooms, in coaching sessions and on-the-job and know all-too-well what engages (and disengages) learners.  

At this point, you’ll see storyboards and prototypes.  We’ll map scenarios and design immersive online experiences.  You’ll provide feedback, select a ‘look and feel’ and help ensure we’re capturing the essence of your team, organisation and/or customer.

C:  Create

Create the solution: Our training factory shifts into full production mode.  Boyle Consulting’s graphics designers, videographers, photographers, eLearning developers and training instructors will take the blueprint and create a solution.  At defined review points we’ll partner to make modifications, and conduct pilot sessions and incorporate feedback.

When we’re done, you’ll have a unique learning experience, ready to be deployed online or delivered by facilitators, guaranteed to engage your team, inspire change and impact your customers, employees, and/or bottom line.