Our Values

The Boyle Consulting Logo

Top Down.  Bottom Up?


Top Down

Frederick Taylor stressed the importance of structure in achieving organisational effectiveness.  Top down management organisational structure, often represented by a triangle, implied the importance of control. It gave the impression ‘the boss knew more’ and that ‘workers’ should follow the ‘bosses’ instructions.


Triangle Invert.png

Bottom Up

Contemporary leadership and the influence of visionaries such as Konosuke Matsushita (Panasonic) identified that the workers’ insight was critical to innovation, quality and performance. Leaders should empower and ‘support’ their people.  The triangle turned on its head symbolises this.


N alone.png


‘Eta’ is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet.  Engineers use ‘eta’ to symbolise ‘Efficiency’.


Boyle Consulting Logo

Our logo represents effective Leadership by combining two elements.  

The Boyle Consulting logo integrates ‘Eta’ and the inverted organisational triangle to represent effective Leadership.